Consecutive interpreting

Interpreting conducted during pauses made by a speaker.

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An interpeter is working not in a booth but together with the participants of the event. The timing of the event increases as interpreting is carried out during pauses made by a speaker. That needs to be born in mind at the stage of agenda/programme planning.

Meeting of the Government of St. Petersburg with EU consuls general

Clients tend to opt for consecutive interpreting for events involving a relatively small number of participants, such as:

Protocol meetings

Business talks and meetings

Informal meetings

Product showcases and marketing events

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Interpreting for wineries’ representatives within advanced training courses for wine professionals

Consecutive interpreting is also suitable for mobile work, such as technical interpreting at industrial sites, interpreting during excursions, business trips, exhibitions and other ‘on-the-go’ meetings

Interpreting at the FIFA Fan Fest



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