We work with the leading pharmaceutical companies, and provide simultaneous interpreting at scientific congresses and advanced live-surgery courses where impeccable performance is key.


  • STADA CIS   
  • TEVA
  • Ferring Pharmaceuticals
  • Novartis Global
  • NovaMedica LLC 
  • Parexel 
  • Astellas  
  • Abdi Ibrahim
  • Mego Afek
  • Schwabe group
  • Sarstedt
  • HL7 UK
  • Summit Medical Group 
  • KnightLab 
  • Polysan Scientific & Technological Pharmaceutical Company
  • Akademikliniken
  • Logoped-Profi Center for child development and rehabilitation
  • Red Cross
  • Doctors for Children Fund
  • St. Petersburg Medical Forum 
  • Healthy Cities, Districts and Towns Association
  • St. Petersburg International Health Forum 
  • Federation of European Biochemical Societies Congress (FEBS)  
  • ICMM Pan-Asia Pacific Congress on Military Medicine
  • International Scientific Congress ‘Sport, Human, Health’
  • ‘Week of Education at the Elizavetinskaya Hospital’ Forum
  • ‘British Healthcare Week’ Forum 
  • 1st St. Petersburg Congress ‘AUTOIMMUNITY’
  • St. Petersburg Autoimmunity Academy (SPBAA) 
  • Life Sciences Invest Partnering Russia Forum
  • International seminar ‘Complex Bronchodilation as a New Standard to Treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease’
  • International conference “Practical Use of Regional Information Systems in Healthcare’
  • International conference ‘Healthcare Economy – Public Private Partnership’ Conference  
  • International conference ‘Bioinformatics: from Algorithms to Application’ (BiATA) 
  • Intensive course ‘Advanced Aesthetic Breast and Body Contouring’ - 2019
  • Intensive course ‘Advanced Aesthetic Blepharoplasty’
  • 6th Live Surgery & Injections Course ‘Advanced Aesthetic Face, Breast and Body Contouring’
  • Intensive course ‘Modern Rhinoplasty: Effective Techniques and Innovations’
  • Intensive course ‘Advanced Aesthetic Breast and Body Contouring’ - 2018
  • Intensive course 'Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty and Face Contouring'
  • Intensive course 'Advanced Aesthetic Face and Body Contouring'
  • 5th  Live Surgery & Injections Course ‘Advanced Aesthetic Blepharoplasty, Midface and Face Contouring’

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